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Why does your business need skykick cloud backup?

SkyKick is one of the first cloud backup solutions to offer easy restoration support for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 groups. If your business is currently using them or are looking for ways to boost their collaboration and business productivity, you can rest assured that all your conversations, files, notebooks and calendars in Teams and Groups are backed up natively with SkyKick. Support for other features, such as Teams Wiki, will also be available in the future.

No. Though Microsoft have complex designs and an infrastructure that ensures your data is stored and available in the event of their datacentres being unavailable they do not provide a ‘backup’ should your data become corrupted or deleted for any of the Office or Microsoft 365 products.

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Great Product Features for your business:

Unlimited BackUp

No data caps, no retention limits, and up to six daily backups for all customers.

One-Click Restore

Powerful search indexing means you can find and restore point-in-time customer emails in seconds, not hours.

No File Overwrites

All data is backed up separately to eliminate the risk of cross-file infection.

Exact Location Data Recovery

Individual or bulk data can be recovered to the same location.

Aids Data Compliance

Helps your business comply with data protection and litigation policies with fully secure archiving.

Ultra Secure

All data is backed up with encryption in transit and at rest, remaining safe in UK or EA Azure datacentres.

Keep your data safe with bitdefender cybersecurity.

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