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Shadow IT - and BYOD

Many Companies struggle to get to grip with the fact that their employees could be, without realising, exposing their business and network to cyber threats. Shadow IT is a phrase that underlines hardware and software operation by staff in the shadows of your IT department's knowledge and therefore control. It's wrong to assume that locking down every device and restricting the freedom we have come to expect is also the correct solution either. Subscribe to our newsletter for tips and solutions that could suit your business need to control and see into the shadows you may have already.

Data Loss - The statistics

For many years the statistics for companies recovering from a data breach or loss have been unreilable to say the least. Some of these stats go back to the 1980's whilst other so called references cannot be verified. One thing is true. The main reasons for Data loss is normally down to 5 areas :-
  • Hardware failure
  • Human error
  • Software corruption
  • Theft
  • Computer viruses
  • These headings change all the time depending on who you ask and when. The important thing is that you have a reliable off site, secure and regulalry tested backup solution. Contact us for more information on what we offer or click here to get started.

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